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Online Ordering

You can order online! Browse our menu items and choose what you’d like to order from us.

Accepting Orders

Delivery fee -

Min. order - $50.00

Free delivery above



Pickup time: Jul 28, 2:00 AM - 3:00 AM

Pickup Address: Athens, GA, USA

Order a week in advance.
Delivery available in Athens, GA


~100 oysters from the Chesapeake Bay or James River, VA


Oysters On The Half Shell

Image of Oysters On The Half Shell


cured meats, aged cheeses, fresh fruit, sweet treats, pepper jelly, pickled veggies, local honey, nut mix, crackers and crostini bread. Feeds 10 people.


Charcuterie Board

Image of Charcuterie Board


smoked salmon cream cheese dip, house smoked fish dip, smoked fresh catch fish pieces, pickled veggies, horseradish and mustard sauce, crackers and crostini bread. Feeds 10 people.


Smoked Fish Platter

Image of Smoked Fish Platter


Choose (1-3) types of the sandwiches listed below to be featured in your party platter: -Italian -Reuban - Chicken Salad - BLT - Tuna Salad


Sandwich Platter

Image of Sandwich Platter

Fresh Food

Hello Friends! Everything below is priced based off of 10 servings. Ordering is available a week in advance for pickup or delivery in Athens, GA. Message us for inquiries on ordering bulk seafood.


One whole key lime pie made from scratch with the Cascio family recipe. Serves 4-8 ppl.


Key Lime Pie

Image of Key Lime Pie


20 personal sized creme brûlées available in different flavors.


Personal Creme Brûlées

Image of Personal Creme Brûlées


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